Rights & Privacy Policy

Okay, so you’re probably not going to jail, but in light of some expensive legal proceedings against several large media replication companies between 2000 and 2002, Crown Media Manufacturing, (along with all other legitimate duplication companies) requires all CDaudio, CDrom and DVD clients submitting projects for replication to include documentation that proves all of the content on their master is licensed.

This procedure has been implemented to protect creators of original content, not to impede the production of legitimate projects by our clients. Each order requires a completed and signed Replication Rights Form and additional documentation as defined on the form. In the event you are replicating the unpublished music of friends or associates, a ‘granting of rights’ letter is required to support your claim of permission. Full track listings (audio) are required to verify the digital content of each master.

you can download a REPLICATION RIGHTS FORM or MECHANICAL LICENSING BROCHURE right here. You can also log on to www.cmrra.ca to learn more about “pay as you press” mechanical licensing, and to search the publisher database.

Other mechanical rights links:

www.pdinfo.com – database of public domain songs
www.cpcc.ca – private copying collective (blank media levy)

To find out more about the anti-piracy compliancy program go to: www.recordingmedia.org/antipiracy.html

You can also contact:

CRIA (Canadian Recording Industry Association)

890 Yonge Street Suite 1200 Toronto, Ontario M4W 3P4
Phone: 416-967-7272 Fax: 416-967-9415
Website: www.cria.ca

Eudora (Qualcomm Inc.)
Web site: www.eudora.com
Info for distribution: eudora-resell@qualcomm.com

Adobe Flash Player On-line registration: www.adobe.com/licensing/

ICQ (ICQ Inc.) Website: www.icq.com
Online licensing form: www.icq.com/info/contact_form.html

Internet explorer (Microsoft Corp.)
Free distribution but needs registration/license Information: www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/default.asp

mIRC (MIRC co.)
You need to obtain permission to copy and distribute the program as stated in the EULA.
Send your request by e-mail: khaled@mirc.com
Web site: www.mirc.com

Netscape Navigator (Netscape/AOL) Free distribution but needs registration/license
Download: http://browser.netscape.com/downloads

Quicktime (Apple Software)
** Please check which version you are using as there are certain restrictions as to which may be used.
Information and On-line registration: http://developer.apple.com/softwarelicensing/agreements/quicktime.html
Contact licensing department: sw.license@apple.com
Telephone: 1-800-793-9378

Real player/Real Jukebox (Realnetwork)

Frequently asked questions: www.real.com/licensing/faq.html

Adobe Shockwave Player
Licensing information: www.adobe.com/products/shockwaveplayer/licensing
Apply for license on-line: www.adobe.com/cfusion/entitlement/index.cfm?e=shockwave
Contact licensing department: www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=licensing

Winzip (Winzip computing inc.)
Need permission to distribute with other products as seen in the EULA.
Web site: www.winzip.com